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LANGUAGE SKILLS:                        

Swedish:            Mother tongue

English:              Excellent knowledge

Finnish:              Basic



Upper secondary school Diploma in Fine Arts


One of three winners in a National photo competition






Novia University of Applied Sciences, Media culture, Photography

Evangeliska Folkhögskolan, Vaasa, Photo&IT-programme

Topeliusgymnasiet, Upper secondary school



Sarah Ek Photography


Österbottens tidning, Internship at the local newspaper

Bildström, Internship

Evangeliska folkhögskolan, Vaasa, Teaching Photoshop

Evangeliska folkhögskolan, Vaasa, Internship, Photo&IT-programme

Vasabladet (Newspaper), Internship, photographer

Cooperating with PhotoMoments



Wedding: ceremony, and reception

Wedding: wedding photo, ceremony and group photos

Sports Gala, Nykarleby

La Magnifique Hair, Photographer at a Hair Salon opening + Fashion Show

Wedding: wedding photo and ceremony

Wedding: whole day

Wedding: wedding photo

Wedding: wedding photo, ceremony and reception

Wedding: wedding photo and ceremony

Wedding: reception

Wedding, Assistant during preparations and wedding photosession. Photographer at the ceremony.

Sports Gala, Nykarleby, Technical assistant



"Minorities in the Minority", Galleri Gro, Campus Allegro in Jakobstad

"Black & White", Hair salon Studio Parfait

"7 Deadly Sins", Photo & Sculpture with Jan Granlund

"Year One/MK13", Artopus Festival in Jakobstad

"Year One", MK13 concerted exhibition, Old Aktia Bank

"Through the Lens", Hairsalon Studio Parfait

"Some day this will be funny", MK13 concerted exhibition, Café Fredrika